merino sheep on snowy new zealand mountain

New Zealand ZQ Merino - natural & sustainable

Merino sheep produce a new fleece every year, and farmers shear the sheep in the hotter months of the year to ensure that the sheep remain comfortable.

Our merino wool is 100% natural and organic. We only source our merino wool from New Zealand farms, which produce some of the best merino in the world.

Merino is natures wonder fibre, and over the past few years, more and more people are becoming aware of the special benefits of merino fabric (especially for use in
babies clothing, blankets and swaddle wraps)

Merino fabric is super light and breathable, it helps to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer and is 100% natural and renewable.

Benefits of Merino:

  • Helps to regulate the temperature of your baby
  • Soft and natural product
  • Super easy to care for - gentle wash and either light tumble or hang out to dry

All our products use only 'superfine' merino, which is by far the best type of merino fabric available and is best suited for baby wear due to its incredibly soft feel against your babies skin.

A recent study in the British Dermatology Journal also found that the use of 'superfine' merino fabric may help to reduce eczema in children. Parents who used 'superfine' merino found it to be soft, less itching and more comfortable than both synthetic or cotton alternatives.

Superfine Merino is made from 100% superfine grade ZQ approved New Zealand merino wool and has traditionally been used in creating garments of the highest quality. It provides warmth, while still being very light. Superfine merino is 17.5 microns.

Simply the best for babies:

Superfine merino helps to regulate your babies temperature by drawing away any moisture from the skin. Synthetic products cannot do this and instead trap moisture between the skin and the fabric. Only merino fabric has the ability to naturally 'breathe'.

All of this helps to keep your baby warm in winter, cool in summer and super snug so that everyone in the family can get a better nights sleep. 

We love merino - natural and sustainable.