Mother holding baby in merino swaddle wrap from New Zealand 

Welcome to Snuggly Merino

Hi, and welcome to Snuggly Merino. We are a New Zealand based business that started back in 2016 producing small runs of merino swaddles and merino comforters for babies. Our main goal was to produce the best quality products, locally, and to use only 100% natural fabrics. We realised that merino fabric was the way to go due to it's natural properties, making it perfect for any type of baby wear, especially swaddles that need to breathe & stretch naturally.

Natural and Sustainable

We really wanted to be able to design and manufacture our products locally and ensure that we only used sustainable materials that are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Over the years, we have grown, and while we now produce larger runs of each design, we still only manufacture in New Zealand and we still only use the best quality fabrics – 100% natural merino sourced from either New Zealand or Australian farms.

Our Products - New Zealand made

Babies sleep better in merino – your baby will sleep better wrapped in luxurious merino. Merino naturally regulates babies temperature, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. Merino is a natural fabric that breathes and does not trap odours and because merino will stand the test of time, you will be able to pass these garments from one child to the next. We stand behind every product we make – that’s our promise to you.

When you hold our products up to your face and take a deep breath, you will be able to feel the softness and smell the natural fabrics – We want you to feel good about the choices you make and the products you buy, knowing that they are ethically made and use only 100% natural materials.

Remember, all our products are held in stock, in our New Zealand warehouse, and shipped out daily before 2pm.

Our People

When we started back in 2016, we had a smaller team of people, over the years that team has grown, enabling us to produce more products and distribute them to a wider market, but our original principles of only designing and producing the best quality, natural and sustainable baby wear has remained the same.

It’s not easy being a parent, and choosing the right products can be difficult, but we hope that you enjoy what we offer and can relax knowing that they are quality, sustainable products.

New Zealand made - Ethical - Sustainable

We love merino - natural and sustainable