Baby Teething Toy - 100% Organic & Sustainable Rose Pink

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  • Colour: Rose Pink
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    Our Snuggly Merino baby teething toys are 100% Natural and Organic, they are made from a combination of beautiful NZ merino fabric and natural untreated wood.

    The best part is that they are simple and safe. There are no beads to come loose, domes that may dislodge or clips that may fall off. They are simply natural untreated wood stitched into super soft ZQ approved merino fabric.

    Size - Measure 25cmm x 25cm

    Benefit - Teething is a natural part of growing up, our teething toys will help comfort your little one, they can chew on the natural wood as well as snuggle into the soft merino fabric. 

    Washing - Our comforters can be machine washed and then light tumble dry, or left outside to dry (merino fabric is quick to dry as it is a natural fabric)

    Colour - One side is 100% soft merino fabric (Rose Pink) and the reverse is also 100% soft merino fabric (Cream)

    100% New Zealand made

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